One Piece Wavy Clip in

One Piece Wavy Clip in

This synthetic hair piece is attached in minutes, with outstanding effects of instant long hair - the hair piece is approximately 20" in length.  This really is an amazing synthetic half head weave wig, wavy below shoulder length hair attached to a lace wig underlay with combs attached that you simply attach around your head like any other half head wig, leaving the hair flowing down from the top. 

The One Piece Wavy Clip In simply clips under your own hair to boost volume and length.  Section off the top of your hair and clip out of the way, fit the hair piece to the remaining hair and press the clips down (if your hairs fine backcomb for more grip) release the hair on the top which is clipped away and brush into the hair piece to blend.   

Please refer to the colour chart below to help select your shade.


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