Celebrity Choice Keratin Bonds

Celebrity Choice Keratin Bonds
 Celebrity Choice Keratin BondsCelebrity Choice Keratin Bonds 

Beauty Works Keratin Pre-Bonded Celebrity Choice hair extensions are 50g per pack of loose double drawn 100% remy hair, bonded together with Keratin flat-tips.

50 x 1g strands per pack

They are pre-bonded and ready to apply with a heat connector and last many months.
Beauty Works Keratin glue is pre-tipped onto our Celebrity Choice Hair into flat tips and will last many months with no shredding.

Celebrity Choice is our premium range of Remy extensions. Cuticle retained and lightly processed to ensure all the cuticle are facing the same direction from root to tip.

The hair is soft to the touch and full
of lustre and retains vitality and elasticity after many months such that it can be reused again.

More Hair - BW offers 50grams of hair per pack.

Highest quality - Virgin hair is collected for amazing results.

Double Drawn - Beauty works Celebrity Choice hair is double drawn, meaning all hair lengths are the same length from route to tip for ultra thickness.

More Quality - BW stock the finest long lasting remy grade AAAA hair.

Quality Control - BW enforce strict quality control measures to ensure the finest hair from root to tip.

After Care:

Care of hair extensions is very important - proper care will increase the life span. The biggest threat to human hair extensions is heat, heat from hair dryers, hair treatments and washing.

Washing: Always brush your hair softly before you wash your hair and get it wet, use a sponge to smooth shampoo into the hair, always softly rub conditioner into the cuticles in a downwards motion and rinse. We suggest washing your extensions on a weekly basis. Your extensions will need oils, regular conditioning treatment and heat protection products just like your own hair to keep it soft and tangle free.

Heat: Avoid constant heat and use heat protection spray when blow drying. Brush downwards in a vertical motion and use oils and serums to keep the hair soft and nourished. Applying to much heat will damage the extensions and quickly dry them out.

Sleeping: It is advisable to plait your extensions when sleeping to keep the cuticles from tangling and knotting when you sleep.

Please avoid oils and serums coming into contact with any of the bonds as this can cause damage to the bond itself which could result in shredding.

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