How do I pick the correct colour?

There are a couple of ways to determine your correct shade, the more accurate method is for you to send us a small clipping of your hair or an old clip in extension and we will colour match for you. Or you can email us a few different pictures of your hair and we will try to advise you the correct shade, but please bear in mind that photos are not always 100% accurate due to different screen resolutions and quality of photos. Please contact us if you require any of these services.

Do you except refunds and or exchanges?
Yes please read our Returns Information page.

Can I use heat when styling?
Human Hair - Yes you can use heat on your extensions and style as if your own, you may find the extensions last longer if you use a heat protection spray when styling.

Synthetic Hair - No you cannot apply any heat to these pieces as you will cause the hair to frazzle & melt.

Can I colour my Crown & Glory hair extensions?
Human Hair - Yes you can colour your extensions but we always advise to use a professional to do this. We also recommend to only change the colour by a few shades and to avoid any bleaching agents.

Synthetic Hair - No these pieces cannot be coloured.

Can I sleep in them?
You can but we advise you plait the extensions when sleeping to save them from getting tangled in your sleep and helping them to last as long as possible. By taking the extensions out at night you will however prolong their life.

My hair is extremely thin, can I use your extensions?
Our extensions are perfect for thin and fine hair, you may not need to use the entire set as that might be too much hair for you. When you section off your hair, backcomb your roots then apply some hairspray before applying your extensions, this will give a better grip for the clips to hold onto. Also you may want to backcomb just above your final layer of extensions to ensure that you cannot see the wefts at all.

Can I wash my clip in hair extensions?
Yes you can wash your extensions, if you wear them every day we recommend you wash them every 6 weeks or when you get a large build up of product on them. Remember they don't get greasy like your own hair, hence you don't need to wash them as frequently!

Is my hair long enough for extensions?
Ideally your hair should be around shoulder length or longer but with clever styling techniques you can wear them if you hair is shorter.

Are the extensions made of human hair?
Yes we only use human remy hair and so can be treated like human hair with just a little added care than usual.

What is Remy hair?
Remy simply is a term used for hair that is 'Cuticle Correct' this is a must for extensions and means that when prepared all the hair strands are placed in the same downward direction making the extensions far less likely to matt or tangle.

Is your hair ethical?
Yes, all of the hair we use is sourced fairly and ethically through religious beliefs.

How long will they last?
Your clip in extensions can last anything from a few months up to a year or possibly longer depending on how often you wear them and how you care for them when in and out of your hair.

Will they damage my hair?
As long as you apply and remove them with care they should not cause any damage to your own hair.

What is your email address?
Our email address is We aim to respond to all emails as quickly as possible throughout the day, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response.