The perfect store & style solution - Hair extensions are a big business, and with the world of celebrity being made more readily available to the girl next door, lots of girls are using clip-in extensions as they are a fraction of the price and don’t damage your natural hair like permanent extensions can.

The problem? There is no way to store them!!! Or style them hands free … Until now! …

HairHangerz is a unique, first of its kind, store and style solution for clip-in hair extensions. Now you can style them hands-free as you would your own hair! So you can conveniently store and style in one! And transport with ease. HairHangerz stores nearly a metre’s worth of hair; just clip the hair onto the material within the hanger as you would clip them into your own hair.

Now you have both hands free to dry and style, so your extensions will stay in better condition for longer. Drying time will be reduced as the hair won’t blow all over the place! And you can hold the hair and a brush/dryer or straightener at the same time, saving time all round! And saving someone else standing there holding the hair for you!

Included with your HairHanger is a handy cover for when you want to transport them, so you can zip them safely inside making sure they remain tangle-free and don’t get wet or blown around.
Extend the life of your extensions …

How to use HairHangerz

Anyone using or working with clip-in hair extensions can benefit from HairHangerz!

Store nearly a metre’s worth of hair (in varying weft widths) using the material bands to clip your extensions onto.

When you need to dry or style your extensions just simply stick your HairHanger to a smooth surface, i.e. a mirror, glass or tiles, and press firmly at a height that suits you, until the suction cups form a tight seal. And there you have it; it will stay firmly in place until you want to take it back down (to do this simply lift the tiny tab on each suction cup to release).

You can store discreetly in a cupboard in between use, or transport your HairHanger around with you, so if you’re going on holiday and you want to keep your extensions tangle free you can! Pre-style hair ready for a night out with the girls. Also perfect for stylists doing wedding hair, or models’ hair for a photo shoot, pre-style and save time on set!

HairHangerz comes with a handy cover, so if you are taking them away with you or transporting them to a shoot, you have pre-styled hair that will hold and won’t get wet and blown around by the wind.

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